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We're proud to serve the community we call home since 1976.


Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatment at our office focuses on techniques that emphasize optimal spinal alignment, posture, and motion as the primary goals of care, while simultaneously improving functional based outcomes. We provide a wide variety of techniques that include non-force, drop and manual manipulations. We attempt to perform spinal treatments that match the patient's comfort level while achieving optimal outcomes.


Kinesiology is used in the diagnostic and treatment phase to help accurately and efficiently correct the source of your pain. We provide an initial assessment of your condition that better determines the proper course of treatment leading to a more efficient outcome. Once pain is addressed, the next goal is movement in combined patterns, much like how a patient functions in everyday life.


Active Release Technique®

Active Release Technique® (ART) is a unique myofascial technique that treats many problems to tissues including muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. ART treatment focuses on applying gentle depth and pressure to the soft tissues that are causing pain and leading to myofascial dysfunction.

ART is an effective solution to improve soft tissue function while reducing scar tissue and improving range of motion and decreasing pain. Our doctors are Certified ART providers that help patients who are experiencing headaches, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, sciatica pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and a multitude of other soft tissue conditions.

Massage Therapy

We offer Massage Therapy services in office. We have both male and female therapists. Massage can allow the body to respond faster and more fully to chiropractic adjustments.


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What People Are Saying

The practice of chiropractic medicine is greatly varied, and as a result, has unfortunately been often plagued by controversy. However, Dr. Tony Howells has stood out in his field with utmost integrity practicing the true science of chiropractic medicine addressing musculoskeletal problems while treating the person in a truly holistic way. He continually embraces scientific approaches in his practice and has successfully treated and palliated hundreds of my patients and thousands in the community.

Professionally, he has gone above and beyond for many patients who have despaired as a result of disabling pain. He has not refused any of my patients regardless of complexity or ability to pay. He has been sought out by professional athletes and geriatric patients alike.

As a person, he has devoted time and much needed help to the community in the Plateau. He has contributed significantly to international mission work for the poorest of the poor in the Philippines. These missions have ranged from building classrooms in remote areas to scholarships for the orphans.

It is an honor to have Dr. Tony Howells be a part of the professional medical community in Enumclaw, and I hold him in high esteem.
- Dr Jude, MD, FACP, SFHM